If you do not have a computing environment of the japanese-aware, you are lucky, as you have yet a golden opportunity to make up your computer(s) japanese-aware.

  1. Go Shodouka Launchpad. Great!

  2. The easiest way is to buy and install Japanese version of MS-Windows. But you are likely to think it is difficult to add Japanese Windows on your current PC environment and let both old and Japanese one coexist (i.e., booting selectively). Moreover, you may not find software at decent price outside Japan. You need several applications for Japanese Windows, e.g., wordprocessor.
    But as to adding an OS in keeping your current Windows, PartitionMagic 3.0 by PowerQuest Corp is useful.

  3. There are several applications which allow you to both read and write or only read Japanese on your current MS-Windows and current applications. Go http://anansi.panix.com/userdirs/tn/j-pc.html.

  4. English version of Netscape Navigator or Communicator allows us to browse Chinese/Japanese/Korean on English version of Windows95 or NT. See Netscape's page.

  5. English version of Microsoft Internet Explorer with Multilanguage Support from Microsoft.

  6. You mustn't miss Linux + Japanese Extension (JE). It's free. Go Linux and Nihongo page by Craig Oda. When you install Linux, PartitonMagic 3.0 and its Boot Manager may help you.

  7. Now you have a Japanese environment. You need a good news reader for reading and writing Japanese. Go the one upper page immediately.

  8. Mulitilingal WWW Browser Tango for MS-Windows by Alis Technologies Inc. is worth trying. Tango Logo

  9. Japanese Software page by Yoko Hasegawa may help you.

  10. Using Japanese on a PC by H. Ozawa.

  11. How to Access Japanese WWW sites with 'Netscape' and other browsers by Katsuhiko Momoi.

  12. FAQ of TCP/IP-related software for PCs in Japanese environments by A.Shirahashi is a good source (in Japanese).

  13. There is Ichitaro Ver. 6.3 for English Windows.


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